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aws storage bucket

Are you thinking about Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage for your business? Here are the different capabilities of each of the top used storage options so that you can choose the right AWS storage for optimal performance. As you review these storage options, you’ll also want to consider the storage needs of your organisation from multiple angles.   Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)   Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is...

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disaster recovery plan

The statistics regarding company data outages are quite shocking. Indeed, most businesses that experience substantial loss of data never recover financially from the loss and more than 50 percent of these companies ultimately fail within 5 years.   Although it's always advisable to take preventative measures to avoid a data failure, it can still happen and your company needs to be prepared for the unexpected.   Whether...

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enterprise cloud innovation

According to a recent survey conducted by IBM and the Economist Intelligence Unit, 67 percent of businesses with revenues less than USD 1 billion (AUD 1.35 billion) have adopted the cloud at some level.   However, the use of the cloud to improve how a business uses its resources really doesn't tell the whole story of how the cloud can benefit businesses, given that there are only...

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advantages of the cloud

Businesses just like yours are expanding their profits by consolidating cloud computing into their business operations. DON’T BE LEFT BEHIND!   THINK ABOUT THIS –   How much capital is flying out the door every time your business needs to acquire new hardware/software and/or increase capacity for existing systems? The Cloud offers you the ability to scale On-Demand your storage capacity, compute and networking all at the click...

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why smbs are turning to msp

Have you ever found yourself staring an IT crisis in the face, dreading the bill for repairs and new equipment… let alone the amount of downtime itself? We guess that the answer is YES.   You are not alone. In this digital age, businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology. That is why businesses large and small are turning over their IT infrastructure to Managed...

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Disaster Recovery

With cyberattacks making headlines and impacting big brands on a regular basis, having a disaster recovery plan has become an essential part of every business plan.   The list of major cyberattacks continues to grow longer in 2016, with the latest being a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that left many major online businesses, including PayPal, Netflix, and Amazon without service on October 21st.   Such disruptions can...

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