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Below are ALL the FREE IT Services you get with our Free Tier.

Asset Management
IT Asset Management

Free IT Asset Management services to help you manage inventory, software, licensing, hardware support and contract tracking, among other existing IT assets.

incident management
Incident Management

Incident Management can help you track reported IT issues, and perform the necessary steps to restore service in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Remote Assistance and Troubleshooting

Your business requires prompt assistance and troubleshooting whenever IT issues arise, our support engineers will help manage the issues via remote assistance and face to face when required.

Hardware/Software Procurement
Hardware/Software Procurement

Take the guesswork out of Hardware and Software Procurement through vTechnology’s team of experienced IT procurers who can guide you through your purchases.

IT Strategy(CIO Services)

Virtual CIO service provides your business with your very own Virtual CIO, who can help you design IT strategies that maximize your existing resources and steer you toward the right, cost-efficient investment for your IT needs

Proactive Systems Monitoring

Service interruptions disrupt business operations. This can mean lost time, money and opportunity. Proactive Monitoring is your early warning service that alerts you to a problem before it occurs.

Web Hosting

SMEs looking to build its online presence, our web hosting services can be customised to meet the varying demands of each business, depending on how simple or complex you need it to be

Project Management

Our Project Management team can help you build the IT infrastructure you need from the ground up. From planning, design, and development to deployment and support.

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