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Managed Desktop Services

Get everything you need from your technology before you even know you need it.

Are you looking for a reliable business IT support partner to provide day-to-day IT support, secure your company’s network, and build an IT infrastructure that delivers exactly what your business needs? It’s time to eliminate the uncertainties of your IT budget and hand off the hard work to the experts at vTechnology.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Putting you on top of your business’ IT infrastructure

vTech offers free IT Asset Management services to help you manage inventory, software, licensing, hardware support and contract tracking, among other existing IT assets.


Expert IT Asset Management from vTech can help you maximise your IT portfolio so that you can improve utilisation, reduce unnecessary costs, meet audit and regulatory standards, support organisational change and projects, and align IT asset costs to actual services. It’s like giving you an overview of your IT assets so you know what works and what doesn’t.


Contact our IT Asset Managers to find out how we can help change the way your organisation works through proper IT management.


Remote Assistance and Troubleshooting

Deal with day-to-day IT concerns in the swiftest, most cost-efficient way possible

For many entrepreneurs, maintaining an in-house IT support team is not always ideal and practical because of limitations in size, capability, availability and operations.


This, of course, does not mean that your organisation should not get quick, efficient and reliable support for your day-to-day IT concerns.


vTechnology understands that your business deserves prompt assistance and troubleshooting services whenever IT issues arise, and this is what remote assistance and troubleshooting can do for you.


Our IT support engineers will help you manage your IT infrastructure off-site to ensure that your on-site team can focus on the tasks at hand, without being bogged down by issues and service desk problems.


Contact us today to find out how this cost-efficient IT support solution can help your organisation be more efficient and productive.


Proactive Systems Monitoring

Taking the first step toward ensuring your IT system’s efficiency and reliability

Service interruptions disrupt business operations. This can mean lost time, money and opportunity. This is why optimising an IT system for increased productivity, efficiency, and reliability is a goal of every organisation.


The first step toward maximising your IT investment is to proactively monitor system performance and identify risk areas 24/7 to prevent service interruptions that can affect your long- and short-term business goals.


vTechnology can help you monitor onsite or remote system activities, and status round-the-clock. Our proactive IT management solution can help make sure that your IT investment works for your business and your customers.


Incident Management

Swift action to get your systems back online

IT issues and problems are a natural part of today’s business landscape, but what sets efficient organisations apart is swift turnaround time to get all systems back online without inconvenience to clients and customers.


vTechnology’s Incident Management can help you track reported IT issues, and perform the necessary steps to restore service in the quickest, most efficient way possible. We’ll also help you categorise and document these issues for faster response the next time you need IT support.


Managed Storage Services

Customised IT management solutions for your storage needs

The cost-efficient maximisation of data storage is essential in today’s information-dependent business landscape. Protect the security and integrity of your invaluable data with a smartly planned and designed storage solution that works for you—developed and deployed by our team of experts that meet your organisation’s exact specifications and standards.


At vTechnology, we know how important your data is to your operations. Aside from planning, designing, and implementing storage solutions, we’ll take care of monitoring and management. We’ll also work with you to create a strategy for information backup, archiving and data recovery.


We’ll help you optimise your storage—no matter how big or small—to deliver the results your business needs to bring you closer to your goals.


Contact us today to start changing the way your data is stored, accessed, and protected.


Managed Applications

Boosting performance and efficiency through managed IT solutions for applications

vTechnology’s Managed Application Services helps organisations stay on top of mission-critical application portfolios, allowing you to focus more on what truly matters for your business: your goals. We’ll take care of maintenance, implementation, configuration, and administration of the applications you need to stay ahead of today’s competitive business landscape.


Our team of IT consultants and experts can monitor and help maintain custom-built applications, office software suites, email services, databases among others to boost your efficiency and productivity.


Contact vTechnology today to find out how we can streamline the management of  your applications to deliver the results your business needs, when you need them.


Preventive Maintenance (Security/Update Patches)

Protecting your system and information with the right patches

Keeping your systems functional and your information protected requires the right update and security patches. It’s easy to overlook regular updating of patches especially when things seem to be working fine in your organisation’s computers and networks, but you might be leaving your virtual doors wide open for malware. Malicious software find flaws in your systems to quickly infect vulnerable unpatched systems.


Fortify your IT investment against malware with vTech’s Preventive Maintenance services. We’ll have a support team ready to work with you from developing an OS patching policy through to deploying those the patches.


Call us today to find out how preventive maintenance prevent system vulnerabilities for your business.


IT Risk Assessment

Minimise IT risks, maximise your digital investment’s potential

Fortify your IT infrastructure and protect your organisation from costly operational delays and disruption through a competent assessment of the risks and potential roadblocks along the way. vTechnology’s team of experts and experienced IT engineers will analyse your entire IT infrastructure for potentially critical issues and assess their potential impact to the organisation.


We’ll provide you a detailed report on the severity of the risks and our recommendations on how to minimise the impact to ensure continuous operations and improve system protection to help you make the most of your IT investment.


Call us today for the first step toward a stronger, future-ready IT infrastructure.