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Managed Server Services

With vTech Managed Server Services your Server Environment is safe and sound.

Are you responsible for your business’s daily IT maintenance as well as meeting its bottom line business objectives OR are your staff stretched too thin to take care of your IT infrastructure? vTechnology Managed Server services frees up your resources by handling the maintenance and management of your IT environment so you can focus on your business goals.

Remote Assistance and Troubleshooting

Deal with day-to-day IT concerns in the swiftest, most cost-efficient way possible

For many entrepreneurs, maintaining an in-house IT support team is not always ideal and practical because of limitations in size, capability, availability and operations.


This, of course, does not mean that your organisation should not get quick, efficient and reliable support for your day-to-day IT concerns.


vTechnology understands that your business deserves prompt assistance and troubleshooting services whenever IT issues arise, and this is what remote assistance and troubleshooting can do for you.


Our IT support engineers will help you manage your IT infrastructure off-site to ensure that your on-site team can focus on the tasks at hand, without being bogged down by issues and service desk problems.


Contact us today to find out how this cost-efficient IT support solution can help your organisation be more efficient and productive.

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IT Strategy (CIO Services)

Forging the right path toward your business goals with on-demand IT consultancy


Every modern business deserves its own Chief Information Officer (CIO), an IT consulting specialist who can help develop strategies aligned with existing business goals. vTechnology’s Virtual CIO service provides your business with your very own Virtual CIO, who can help you design IT strategies that maximize your existing resources and steer you toward the right, cost-efficient investment for your IT needs.


With your own Virtual CIO, you can have an IT environment that allows you to be a step ahead of your goals and a future-proof one that can be customised to adapt to the changing business landscape.


Contact us today to find out how our IT consultant can sharpen your business’ competitive edge.

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SOE Builds and Deployments

Maintain and manage IT equipment with reliable, cost-effective and efficient support


Each computer, device and server network in your organisation should have a purpose. At vTechnology, we understand that each organisation has unique needs and demands which is why a one-size-fits-all IT solution won’t do. We’re here to help you be productive and efficient.


vTech can help you design and deploy your very own Standard Operating Environment (SOE), a client-specific integrated environment that address the configuration needs of your business and machines. All the hardware and software platforms within your organisation will be standardised to fit your specifications, allowing for faster correction of computer issues and deployment of new programs, codes, and updates.


We’ll take care of the design and implementation of SOE that will deliver automated, repeatable, easy-to-deploy operating system platform to speed up processes, boosting your productivity and efficiency.

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Project Management

Streamlining IT projects to deliver the results you need

The business landscape is changing fast—organisations need creative and cost-efficient IT solutions to actively compete and realise their business goals.


New projects come with the inevitable learning curve. To beat the deadline and achieve your targets, you need a highly-skilled, experienced, and forward-thinking team of experts and IT consultants to help get the ball rolling.


At vTechnology, our team of project management experts can help you build the IT infrastructure you need from the ground up. From planning, design, and development to deployment and support, we’re here to help you drive your organisation toward the future.


Contact us and find out how we can help you manage and realise the IT-based innovations you need.

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Hardware/Software Procurement

Maximize your IT investment


In this digital world, investing in IT solutions is one of the best things you can do for your business. Ensuring that your investment will truly pay off through the right hardware and software solutions, however, is another story—there are a plethora of options and deals that can steer you away from what you really need.


Take the guesswork out of Hardware and Software Procurement through vTech’s team of experienced IT procurers who can guide you through the purchase of solutions that work best with your existing tech infrastructure.


We’ll take care of everything to ensure that you get the right IT solutions at the right time, and at the right price, so you can focus on the things that truly matter for your business.


Give our specialist a call to find out how to maximize new IT purchases and leverage your existing systems.

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System Backup & Recovery

Protect digital information, reduce downtime with vTech’s backup and recovery services

Peace of mind is invaluable in today’s competitive business landscape, and it stems from being assured that all business data, production-critical applications, and existing IT infrastructure are protected from unexpected events.


Our IT experts can simplify the way data and systems are protected, regularly backed-up, and recovered in the event of crashes and serious IT issues. An effective and easy-to-use system reduces your downtime and restores normal operations immediately in moments when every second counts.


Contact the vTech IT team today to find out how we can help you design, build, and deploy an effective and cost-efficient System Backup and Recovery solution that works.

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Business Application Deployment

Deploy new IT solutions with vTech’s expert assistance


The potential of your new IT systems, applications, and devices can only be fully realized if you can successfully integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure—all without compromising your network and its performance.


vTech’s team of versatile and multi-skilled experts can assist you in deploying your business applications to ensure that they are integrated properly and ready for use in the soonest possible time. We’ll also assist you in drafting realistic implementation plans for installation, configuration, and finally, implementation. To boost your productivity and efficiency, we’ll help you manage your IT solutions and provide technical support as needed.

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Cloud Solutions and Migration

Crafting a cloud solution strategy that boosts efficiency, without downtime

Internet-based computing, or cloud computing, allows businesses to stay competitive through cost-efficient off-site server maintenance, increased collaboration among team members wherever they are in the world, and a more affordable way to maintain various applications and systems without heavily investing in hardware.


Promising as it sounds, moving everything to the cloud is highly complex and might require business downtime that you simply cannot afford. To fully maximize the advantages of cloud computing, the vTech team of IT experts performs initial analysis before creating a strategy that will minimize downtimes and improve productivity and efficiency for your team to access anywhere, anytime.


Get in touch with the vTech cloud experts to find out if cloud computing is the right choice for your business.

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Preventive Maintenance (Security/Update Patches)

Protecting your system and information with the right patches


Keeping your systems functional and your information protected requires the right update and security patches. It’s easy to overlook regular updating of patches especially when things seem to be working fine in your organisation’s computers and networks, but you might be leaving your virtual doors wide open for malware. Malicious software find flaws in your systems to quickly infect vulnerable unpatched systems.


Fortify your IT investment against malware with vTech’s Preventive Maintenance services. We’ll have a support team ready to work with you from developing an OS patching policy through to deploying those the patches.


Call us today to find out how preventive maintenance prevent system vulnerabilities for your business.

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