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Why SMB’s are turning to Managed IT Services?

why smbs are turning to msp

Why SMB’s are turning to Managed IT Services?

Have you ever found yourself staring an IT crisis in the face, dreading the bill for repairs and new equipment… let alone the amount of downtime itself? We guess that the answer is YES.


You are not alone. In this digital age, businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology. That is why businesses large and small are turning over their IT infrastructure to Managed Service Providers (MSP). Simply put, a managed services agreement means that you have an IT provider who looks after your systems regularly for a monthly fee instead of working on a “break-fix” model that can cause unexpected expenses. Basically, with a MSP your employees are free to focus on building the business and not worrying about the technology that is running operations.


Cost savings has always been seen as the primary benefit of MSPs and the reasons are simple –

  • No need for an in house IT specialist
  • One monthly fixed fee- no surprises
  • One source for all tech issues


But times are changing! As MSP’s increase in importance and popularity with small and medium size businesses, so do the benefits. Now cost benefits are assumed and customers are looking for MSP’s to deliver additional benefits like helping the company become more efficient as well as generating more revenue. Even security has evolved from being considered a roadblock to using MSPs to a reason for doing so.


Another important point about a MSP is it is proactive, they do not just respond to problems. This means your IT support will work to prevent problems by backing up your most important files, monitoring your software updates, making sure your email server stays online, and keeping you safe from security intrusions. Essentially these are the services which can keep your company from losing sales or decreasing productivity- the “hidden” technology expenses for small businesses.

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